Your Sneak Peek at the New IKEA North Lakes Stock Before it Opens

Aug 31, 2016

IKEA North Lakes is set to open late 2016. We’ve heard rumors suggesting November and also December, but definitely in time for Christmas. Given that staff are currently waiting on deliveries and stocking shelves with what flat packed goodies they can, I'd say it's sooner rather than later. Although, our direct IKEA team informant has not been able to confirm a date as yet. Watch this space for the announcement or subscribe to get it emailed to you.

If you have received your catalogue in the mail I’m sure you’ve circled all the items on your wish list, just hoping that the magical shopping elves will somehow have them sitting on your doorstep waiting for you any day now. Because for some reason that’s what we all expect happens when we circle things in catalogues right?

We are as keen as you are to shop at IKEA, and we are always thinking of everyone in the community including those who have ‘No Junk Mail’ signs on their letterbox, so we have provided you with your very own online catalogue below including pictures of the special new release items.

The 2017 IKEA catalogue focuses on life in and around the kitchen and features 500 new products, which is available in-store at IKEA Logan from September 1st and at the new North Lakes store when it opens.

Please don’t try to draw circles on your computer screen. This doesn’t register with the shopping elves.