Tips To Keep Pets Safe During A Hot Summer

Nov 30, 2017

You've all heard the news, it's going to be a VERY hot summer.

In this article from the Moreton Bay Regional Council we're given reminders on how to keep ourselves safe from heatstroke through the oncoming heatwave in Queensland.

But what about our beloved Pets?

Bec Lil from Petbarn North Lakes has kindly provided the North Lakes community with some important tips on keeping pets cool in the summer and warns of the serious health concerns that can develop if pets are left in the heat.

“Summer is a great time for pets, with walks in the park and on the beach, however the harsh summer heat can prove to be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of our furry friends if pet owners aren’t prepared,” said Bec, Petbarn North Lakes Store Manager.

“Just like us, household pets including dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and ferrets are at risk of developing heatstroke and dehydration if their temperature is not monitored and they don’t stay hydrated."

While its not easy to keep your pets away from the summer heat, there are some simple ways to help keep pets safe in summer. Petbarn North Lakes provides North Lakes pet owners with the following top tips.

  1. Keep hydrated - Ensure your furry friend has constant access to multiple bowls of fresh water and a cool shady area to sit down, both inside and outside. On extra hot days, pop a couple of ice cubes into their bowl or freeze half or the bowl overnight to keep the water cooler for longer.
  2. Avoid the hottest parts of the day - While exercise is important to keep your pet happy and healthy, we always recommend walking your pet either early in the morning or late in the evening when the temperature is lower. Be wary of exercising your pet on roads and pavements on really sunny days as the hot surface can damage paws.
  3. Stay shaded - North Lakes bird and fish owners are advised to ensure their pets are in a cool shady place away from direct sunlight on hot days. Spray bottles and bird baths can also help keep birds nice and cool.
  4. Maintain your pet’s coat - Booking your furry friend in for a groom, at the beginning of summer is a simple way to help them beat the heat and reduce their temperature, especially if they have long thick hair. Like humans, dogs are also susceptible to sunburn, so it’s a good idea to pick up some pet friendly sunscreen to help keep their skin safe too.
  5. Look out for signs of heatstroke - Heat stress can affect pets very quickly, therefore it’s important to keep an eye out for the early signs of heatstroke including excessive panting, lethargy, salivation and vomiting. If you are concerned about your pets wellbeing, Petbarn recommends speaking to your vet immediately.

If in doubt, do what I do and give little kitty a quick and light cold shower to cool down the body temperature. She's not too fond of it but it sure helps to cool her body temperature down when I'm not so sure if she's been drinking enough water. (Please note: this is my personal tip only, it is not confirmed whether Bec or the Petbarn team endorse this technique.)

It is also recommended to be prepared before the heatwave hits by purchasing items that help keep pets cool like water fountains, sunscreen, cooling mats and more.