Retirement in North Lakes

Sep 21, 2018

Your Great Escape – Retirement in the North Lakes Region

There’s something in the air. A certain sun-soaked saltiness that’s calling to retirees from all over the country.

A vibe. A feeling. A whisper on the wind. The North Lakes area within the Moreton Bay region, the sparkling jewel of the Queensland coastline, is hypnotising those who are tired of the rat race and looking for something more. More space, more light, more air. More life.

Retirement in North Lakes and within the Moreton Bay Region is about more than finding a place to measure out the days. It’s about becoming part of a vibrant community supported by first-class facilities and exciting new developments. It’s about taking that next step into a new life that awaits you – a life of leisurely pace and stately grace. It’s about living your best life.

The Drawcards of the North Lakes

Long gone are the days when retiring meant that you were ‘checking out’ to while away your days trapped in a crumbling village. Make the most of the amazing waterways and parks that North Lakes has to offer.

In today’s North Lakes area, retirement means staying close to the beating heart of everyday life. A pulsating city centre that radiates outward, protected by a stunning sheltered coastline to the east and the green peaks of mountain ranges to the west. It means having choices and maintaining a sense of independence and spirit instead of being an afterthought.

Why is retirement in North Lakes is an ideal choice?

Consider what the area has to offer today’s retiree. An abundance of coffee shops and world-class restaurants await those with a matured palate. A plethora of picturesque hinterland experiences lay perched in the hills for those looking for a slower pace along winding roads. Retirement in North Lakes means that you’re not compromising on your capacity to enjoy life – you’re enhancing it. Retirees are able to pick and choose which aspects of North Lakes and greater Moreton Bay life they’d like to enjoy and discard those that have no appeal to them. It’s a veritable smorgasboard of lifestyle options for the savvy retiree.

Living in North Lakes

Most of us are familiar with the traditional Queenslander style of home. It’s so beautifully represented in film and television and is almost part of the flora and fauna of the area. However, there are many housing styles in the North Lakes area that would appeal to all different types of personalities and requirements.

Retirement in the North Lakes Region

Regardless of the specific area you choose to retire in, spending your twilight years in the North Lakes Region promises to be time well spent.

Blog post by Louise Lavery (Guest Blogger)