Our Honest Review Of Jamie's Ministry Of Food Mobile Kitchen Newport

Feb 10, 2017

The Jamie’s Ministry Of Food (JMOF) Mobile Kitchen has been stationed at the Stockland Centre Newport for the last 4 weeks, consistently wafting delicious smells of good home style cooking around the neighbourhood.

The program designed by Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver together with The Good Foundation and partnered with Queensland Health, teaches communities how to cook from scratch to avoid take away and packaged foods that contribute to diet related diseases, and to inspire people to get back into the kitchen.

Stockland Development Manager Ricky Stainkey explains the thought process behind calling on the JMOF Mobile Kitchen team;

“This program is closely aligned with what we’re trying to deliver in our Stockland communities which is a new way of life, with healthy living. We felt the Jamie’s Ministry Of Food Mobile Kitchen was another step in the evolution of that. Some in our team are actually looking at signing up for the program as a team building exercise, so we’re very excited!”

Renee Truscott, Manager of the Mobile Kitchen says “The program is designed to help all people of all levels of cooking. From those who don’t know how to cook at all or even how to source their own fresh food to those who’ve been cooking for years and just need more inspiration”.

The course takes students from the very basics but essential first steps in the kitchen like cooking eggs three ways, all the way through to a roast meal with all the trimmings.

“We have people come from as early as 12 to an 83 year old lady who’s been cooking for years but said she wanted to know the latest ways of cooking so that she can try new things.”

Disability and Community Groups groups are also encouraged to register as the team aim to target those at higher risk of diet related disease with maximum impact on helping the community.

Classes are 90 minute sessions each week from Monday to Saturday over 5 weeks. Participants can choose which classes they take each week to suit their own schedules.

My Experience at the Jamie's Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen

I had the pleasure of participating in one of the classes and I was impressed. I already cook like this – I hardly use packet foods or jars and cook with natural ingredients to maximise nutrition – and was pleasantly surprised to see this same value so passionately being taught by the teachers and implemented throughout all aspects of the program. I even picked up a few time and waste saving tricks in basic chopping skills and cooking techniques.

Mother and daughter duo Megan and Denise who I shared a bench with, enjoy spending time together each week during the classes. Megan has made it her goal to provide her family of five with nutritious healthy meals to help give her kids the best school lunches and her hubby tasty thumbs up worthy dinners. While stirring our chili con carne, Megan explained how she now has more confidence in trying new recipes and was surprised at just how much the kids were loving eating things they’d normally curl their noses up at!

Renee began the class by demonstrating the food preparation stage of the meal, demonstrating detailed techniques on how to reduce vegetable waste and knife skills to reduce the chance of chopping related injuries.

After observing the process we replicated it with our own ingredients which are included in the program cost. The team are extremely helpful and friendly and never leave you on your own if you are not confident in what you’re doing.

Each student gets to taste the demonstration food cooked by the conductor and can take home their personally prepared meals at the end of each class.

I would highly recommend doing this cooking school whether you know how to cook or not. In this take away and processed food saturated world there are many people out there who don’t understand the basics of cooking, if this is the case for you, this program is a must. Even if you do consider yourself an experienced cook, you will enjoy learning new tips and trips towards healthier eating learned in these classes.