Happy Birthday

Mar 03, 2015

Thank You North Lakes. Thank you for your Smiles. Thank You for your Positivity. Thank You for your Support!

March 2015 is our Birthday Month at Paleo Cafe. And what a HUGE year it has been for our team. Here is what we have learned from you...

:-) Salted Caramel ANYTHING tickles your tastebuds
:-) 'Cheesecakes' made with coconut yoghurt in ANY flavour are your favourite way to enjoy morning tea
:-) You are adoringly addicted to cleansing inside and out with Pure Activated Charcoal
:-) Your Kids LOVE to cook! Booked out Kids Cooking Classes are a hit.
:-) You value your health with our pure fruit and vegetable smoothies & juices, in such a beautiful way that we know will create a nourishing future for your community

What we hope you have learned from us...

:-) Gluten Free/Grain Free living is simple and freeing
:-) Limiting Sugar can be just as decadent to enjoy...Cue our Signature Chocolate Brownie and Peppermint Slice
:-) Coconut Milk and Butter are a FABULOUS way to enjoy your coffee
:-) Our number one priority is giving you a simpler way to enjoy a nourishing life for a beautiful future!

With hearts full of gratitude for showing us such incredible loyalty, March 2015, our Birthday Month, will be showering You North Lakes with many beautiful offers and goodies. Stay tuned to the below sites for some INCREDIBLE GIFTS!
- www.facebook.com/paleocafenorthlakes
- #northlakespaleo
- #paleocafenorthlakes
- www.northlakes.com.au