Good Posture, Good Brain Function

Sep 01, 2015

The brain really is an extraordinary thing. It has the ability to coordinate all the things that are going on in your body and have enough power and know how left over to either coordinate further complex actions such as a complicated dance routine, or just to help you to carry out simple everyday tasks such as cleaning up.

Dr Amy Cuddy in a psychologist who has a fascinating TED talk on her ground breaking research into the effects of posture on the brain and how it influences hormones. She tested the levels of certain hormones in response to commonly assumed postures, both good and bad. She found some startling evidence that showed a direct link with posture and the levels of both testosterone and cortisol. Furthermore that this posture change could take as little as 2 minutes to start to have its effect. She says “that our bodies can change our minds, our minds change our behaviour and our behaviour changes our outcomes”, meaning whilst our brain can change our bodily functions, the reverse is also true and that our body, in terms of the posture we adopt, can have a significant affect on how our minds work.

So in a nut shell the better the posture you have the better your brain functions. Fascinating and yet another reason for the young and mature to keep their spines and structure in tip top shape with their preferred chiropractor.

Yours in good posture and brain function!

Chiropractor, Dr Jolene Cooney, is a Chiropractor at Embrace Life.

CONTENT CREDIT- Dr Jolene Cooney