Get fit with your pooch

Jan 30, 2019

Getting fit is generally top of the list when it comes to new year resolutions, especially after over-indulging during the Christmas period. But, did you know, keeping active is just as important for your pets!

According to research, pet obesity is a growing problem in Australia with 41 percent (or 1.9 million dogs) being overweight.

To combat this issue, Petbarn North Lakes is urging residents to kickstart a healthy lifestyle for their pooch this new year.

Petbarn North Lakes Store Manager, Bec Lill knows just how much North Lakes locals love their pets and is encouraging them to give their fur-babies the healthiest possible lifestyle in 2019.

“After the indulgent festive period where we might have given our pets one too many treats, keeping our furry friends active and ensuring they engage in regular exercise is so important. Exercising your pet will not only help them stay in shape and prevent obesity, but also stimulates their mind too,” Ms Lill said.

“Being aware of the way a pet matures and their different life stages is important to ensure they have the right exercise regime and diet to suit their needs. Here at Petbarn North Lakes, we have experts on hand to answer any questions you may have around how to give your pooch a happy and healthy start to the new year.”

Greencross Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Rachel Chay, says while Australians love their workouts, the number of overweight pets coming into clinics is surprising.

“It’s so important that pet owners develop fitness routines, not only for themselves, but for their pets too. Every pet and breed is different and it is imperative to know your pets’ individual nutrition, exercise and activity needs. At Greencross Vets, we can help put together a tailor-made assessment, diet and exercise program,” Dr Chay said.

“If your pet is struggling on their daily walks, try to adjust the intensity and duration of the exercise. Rather than one long walk, split it up into two shorter and slower walks. You can always build up more stamina as your pet adjusts to a new routine.”

Find out more - from fitness to nutrition

Petbarn North Lakes has a wide range of products available (including active toys) as well as complete and balanced nutritional food, so North Lakes locals can get fit with their pet this new year.

You can visit your local Petbarn at 55 Flinders Parade or call 07 3181 3291 to find out more about the products and services available to aid your pet’s health and nutrition.

Your local Greencross Vet Clinic is located at 381 Anzac Avenue and can be reached on 07 3284 4998 for a consultation.