Free Coffee Grounds & Recycled Compost From IKEA - Why and How To Use Them

Mar 08, 2017

Green thumbs and household gardening enthusiast in and around North Lakes will be happy to know that IKEA North Lakes now offer free coffee grounds and organic compost to anyone who would like it.

As part of their contribution to helping the environment and encouraging sustainable living, IKEA North Lakes have decided to take it one step further and completely recycle the used coffee grounds and vegetable compost from their restaurant and cafe.

According to their website, residents can help themselves to the used coffee grounds at IKEA North Lakes Recycling Station in front of Exchanges and Returns located on the lower level every Friday.

How Do Coffee Grounds Help Your Garden?

According to this online gardening source, the benefits of using coffee grounds as a fertilizer is that it "adds organic material to the soil, which improves drainage, water retention and aeration in the soil. The used coffee grounds will also help microorganisms beneficial to plant growth thrive as well as attract earthworms."

How Does Closed Loop Compost Benefit Your Garden?

IKEA North Lakes are also turning their food waste into organic compost, which will make excellent and sustainable fertilizer for your garden. If you would like to pick up some of the organic compost, you can bring a container with a tight seal lid to the restaurant located on the upper level on Thursdays at 2:30pm.

Download your Closed Loop Compost User Guide to learn more about how this great recycled product works for your garden.