Foodbank partners with Woolworths to help local families

Feb 04, 2019

The beginning of a new school year is an exciting time for most, but unfortunately one in five Australian children and 23 percent of children in Queensland will experience food insecurity at some point this year, meaning many students will go to school hungry.

This year, Australia’s largest hunger relief charity Foodbank has partnered with Woolworths for a Back To School appeal, which aims to provide meals to families and children in need.

From 30 January to 12 February, customers can purchase a $1 token when shopping at any Woolworths store or online, which will help provide two meals to children in need.

Foodbank CEO, Brianna Casey, said “Families are currently gearing up to prepare for the new school year which should be a time of wonder and excitement, but sadly 15 percent of children living in food insecure households go to school at least once a week without lunch.

“We want to make it easier on Aussie families by raising much needed funds and providing meals to those who need it most, which is why we have partnered with Woolworths for this important appeal.”

According to the Foodbank 2018 ‘Rumbling Tummies’ report, almost half of Australian families in need have reported feeling less stressed (48 percent) and better supported by their community (45 percent) after receiving food relief.

One fellow student helping in the fight against food insecurity is Foodbank’s Youth Ambassador, 10-year-old Alice Ramsey (pictured), who has initiated several fundraising activities of her own since the age of six. After recognising that people in her area were facing food insecurity, Alice opened bake stalls, sold homemade lipsticks and packaged food hampers to deliver to the homeless after school and on weekends.

Taken under the wing of Foodbank Australia CEO Brianna Casey, Alice is showing Australians everywhere that anyone can make a difference.

“It makes me sad that there are kids my age who still go to school hungry so I want to do whatever I can to help them,” Alice said.

“I’m really excited that Foodbank asked me to be their Youth Ambassador and that we are working with Woolworths because I can show other people that anyone can help those in need by simply adding a $1 token to their shopping.”

Woolworths Kallangur Fair and Woolworths North Lakes Group Manager, Clint Freeman, said Alice is a role model for how everyone can play a part to help support hunger relief.

"We’re privileged to be able to continue our support of Foodbank in their mission to reduce food insecurity around Australia and help children head back to school with food in their lunchboxes. We are grateful for our generous local customers who play an integral part in supporting this cause," Mr Freeman said.

Since its inception in 1992, Foodbank has provided over 594 million meals to Australians in need. Woolworths, in working with Foodbank since 2002 in support of their mission to fight hunger across Australia, has supplied 32 million of these meals.