8 Awesome Places To Buy In North Lakes To Support Local Farmers & Businesses

Apr 13, 2016

We have all heard about the financial struggles our local farmers are having. But what can the average household really do to help them out here in the North Lakes community?

The Dollar$

The fact is only 18 cents of every dollar spent at large supermarkets go to the grower, while a whopping 82 cents are siphoned off by various unnecessary middlemen.

It is no secret two giant companies have an incredible market share in Australia when it comes to our grocery shopping. In fact, almost a quarter of the Australian public’s dollars spent are in their shops.

Woolworths and Westfarmers (Coles) hold 70% market share on groceries compared to the UK, where the two largest supermarket chains only hold 48% share and a mere 20% in the US. With 70% of the pie gobbled up by these Australian supermarket giants, only a measly sliver is left-over for smaller independent retailers and farmers, resulting in them making a tiny profit, or barely breaking even at all.

The Health Benefits

Buying locally IS better for you.

Produce purchased in the supermarket has usually been in transit, or cold-storage for days, or even weeks, while produce from your local farmer’s market, or farm-gate has often been picked within just 24 hours of your purchase.

This freshness not only affects the taste of your food, but the nutritional value. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are often allowed longer to ripen naturally, because they do not have to be shipped out to far reaching locations and therefore can be handled less.

Buying local and supporting smaller businesses usually means you will fill your fridge and pantry with fresher, healthier foods, thus reducing the amount of processed stuff (I can hardly refer to it as ‘food’) your family consumes and reduces the amount of sickness and fatigue suffered by the body. Think of all the nutrients you’ll benefit from in fresher foods!

Do I even have to mention the benefits of buying local when it comes to standards in the treatment of animals? I'm sure the news media has covered it of late. Our local farmers have happy cows, like this inquisitive little guy!

Now we don’t have access to too many ‘farm-gates’ here in North Lakes, but we do have the opportunity to shop with smaller, more health-conscious retailers who can provide fresher produce and even organic foods to our families.

Why now?

April is Supermarket Free Month.

And even though we’re in the middle of it you can still make a difference long term.

By buying locally and boycotting the large supermarkets this month you’ll be strengthening our community by investing your hard earned dollars in our local family run businesses and more local farmers.

So avoid the Supermarket giants as much as you can for the month of April and start your journey towards a healthier, more consumer-conscious lifestyle for you and your family.

If you shop smart, you’ll discover you can save money and shrink you’re weekly grocery bill. So savvy shoppers do your homework and shop around! Sign up as VIP’s for those deals & discounts!

Below are the local Supermarket alternatives for you to support in North Lakes. They provide fantastic foods at great prices. Give them a try and get to know the friendly faces behind the counter, instead of putting yourself to work for free at a supermarket self-serve check-out. Their families are grateful for your support.

North Lakes Markets

more here from this local market

The Teal Fridge Project

more here about this independent Real Food Initiative

The Fruit & Deli Co

more here from this family run fresh food supplier


Wray’s Organics


Willows Quality Meats

Top Of The Hill Bakery

*Information source material from localharvest.org.au and supermarketfree.com