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by Written by Michelle White - Physiotherapist at Lime Physical Therapy | Jun 30, 2015

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Investing in your health sets you up for lifelong health benefits, so why do so many people struggle to understand what "preventative health" means.The fact is that many people really just do not "value" and appreciate their health until they lose form or function?

Every day we are surrounded by the ever growing and often invasive interactive world - TV, Computers, Twitter, Facebook, Social events, Mobile phone calls, Mobile phone texting, Work, Work at home, Study and work.....blah it goes on. Ongoing daily distractions, lead to weekly and monthly distractions and before you know it the years have passed and our body reflects the distractions. Regular health checks are just so important; it is a way to monitor your health and is a valuable tool to prevent disease and illness by identifying early warnings or risk factors. Be careful, it can become easy to create a lifestyle that provides ongoing distractions from your own health needs....

Would you let your car get all rusty, fill it with rubbish, wait years to have it serviced or drive it hard for weeks on close to empty, - only to park it half up on the curb under a tree full of nesting birds?  To only then wonder or be surprised when it doesn't "run so good"?

Our team at Lime Physical Therapy are here to cater many aspects of health care. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

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