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by Nadia Lloyd | Jun 02, 2015

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We all love a massage, but knowing what you want goes a long way towards helping get the most out of a session. 

Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep tissue massage focuses not only on the superficial muscles of your body, but then sinks deeper into the underlying muscles. Often during a relaxation massage, you may feel relaxed, a little looser maybe, but sometimes you do need a little more, a little deeper. These Deep muscles often do a lot of heavy work for our bodies, and often being bigger muscles, they need help to soften and lengthen. For those that have never had a deep tissue massage before, yes, it can be a little tender. But it should never be above your pain threshold, and you are in control of how deep you feel is comfortable for you.


Reflexology includes feet hands and head, but can be focused one, two or all three of these areas in a session. Each part of your body is connected in some way to your feet, for example the inside of your feet are connected to your spine, all the way from the big toe, to your heel. Or the tip of your pinkie is connected to your sinuses. This means that you can work on the feet, and through the nervous system, have an effect on an area of your body. In addition to that, our feet hold us up all day, and need to be taken care of if we want them to keep doing their job well.

Aromatherapy Massage:

In an aroma therapy massage, the massage itself can be just like any other massage. However, the difference is when an aroma is added to the oils used in a treatment. Different essential oils can have different positive effects on people, and can be used in a healing process. In an aromatherapy massage, particular essential oils will be picked out for you that will help you personally. For example, peppermint can help with digestive problems, or sandalwood can help with anxiety. Different oils can be blended to make a treatment, tailored for you.

Pregnancy Massage:

Unfortunately, some people believe that massage, especially remedial massage, is a no go zone for pregnant women. However this is untrue. If your therapist is trained for pregnancy massage, they will know what your body can and can’t have during a massage treatment. These massages can be tailored to your needs, focusing on a nurturing, relaxing massage, or getting deep into the muscles with a remedial or deep tissue massage. As your pregnancy gets on, side lying massage is just as good, so that you can still get your full body massage, while supporting your tummy, and bubs inside. Pregnancy can make you feel sore and tired, and that’s ok. It’s taking on something very special, and can be absolutely be looked after by a massage.

Sports Massage:

Sports massage is great for those that love to keep active. Often you can pull up a bit sore after a workout, or a game of sport. Deep tissue massage can be a little bit much on your sore muscles, and a Swedish massage can feel like it may not be doing enough. A sports massage is somewhere in between, helping to relax the muscles, get the blood moving, and help to get rid of the lactic acid built up in the muscles. It can also be helpful before a workout of a sport game, warming up the muscles and loosening them, helping you to perform better, and decreasing the chance of an injury.

Trigger Point Massage:

Trigger point is a form of deep tissue massage. During a session the therapist will find trigger points, or what most people call them, knots, and put static pressure on them. It is a faster, and much more effective way of working out these trigger point than deep tissue or Swedish massage. This can be painful, but only for a short period of time, and is always under your control of how much pressure you feel comfortable with. This technique can be added to a normal massage, or have a trigger point focused massage in itself. This helps a great deal with pain levels, range of movement and even things 

Manual Lymph Drainage:

Manual lymph drainage is a very light technique, designed to help reduce swelling. This can be from an injury, post-surgery, some medical conditions, or general puffiness. Sometimes, for different reasons, the lymph nodes, which pump your lymph fluid around your body, don’t work in the way they should, and need help. Lymphatic drainage manually pushes the lymph back up to a node, or can even direct it to another node if the first is damaged or has been removed from surgery. Post treatment, this can also be assisted with a compression bandage in the area to help keep the fluid from ‘pooling’ in an area.

Hot stones massage:

This massage technique can be a wonderful way to unwind, or a fast way to loosen tight muscles, as It can be used as a relaxation or a remedial massage.

The stones are used in the therapists hand while working, and help to warm and soften the muscles being worked on. Getting the full benefit of a massage while adding the heat of the stones can soften muscle tissue, increase range of motion and help stiff joints. It also encourages good circulation, helping the general wellbeing of your body.

At Lime Physical Therapy, our resident Remedial Massage Therapist, Nadia Lloyd is available to offer all of the above treatments. Call us on 3188 9308 to book your massage today!

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