Coping with Christmas Stress and Excess

by Kathryn Oats - Physiotherapist at Lime Physical Therapy | Dec 02, 2014

Coping with Christmas Stress and Excess by Lime Physical Therapy North Lakes. Image; Stressed Santa

Well it’s that time of year again and it comes around all too quickly. So are you all prepared for the Christmas festivities?

Christmas is a time for family and fun but it can also be a very stressful and tiring time, with shopping, parties, preparations and late nights.

It’s also a time of indulgence in rich foods and alcohol that can put extra stresses on our bodies.

Can we enjoy the excess without the stress?

  1. PLAN. Write lists, plan time for shopping and getting in early is always good! Planning food ahead of time can also save on last minute stress. Have all the dry goods you need and even make and freeze food ahead of time. On line grocery deliveries can save time and the stress of having to find a car park.
  2. Drink plenty of water. Make sure when drinking alcohol to balance it with a glass of water between drinks. It helps you drink less, keeps you hydrated and helps reduce the hangover the next morning.

    If you have over indulged try and have a sports drink and some panadol before going to sleep to reduce the headache!  Having a green alkalizing juice in the morning can also help cleanse your liver and reduce the damaging effects of alcohol.

  3. Breathe. Taking the time to focus on your breath, even if it’s only for a few minutes reduces stress and brings you back to the present moment. Diaphragmatic breathing oxygenates the body, relieves stress, helps you focus and can slow down racing thought patterns
  4. Take time to exercise. Exercise elevates our mood, helps burn off those extra calories from food and alcohol and gives you the energy to get through the festive season. Half an hour is all you need to gain the benefits.
  5. Diffuse some essential oils in the home. Fragrance is a great way to calm the mind. There are many lovely essential oil blends, which not only smell great they have therapeutic effects on our body and mind.
  6. See your physio or health care provider to deal with any niggling injuries or pain. Nothing is worse than dealing with pain while trying to get things done or enjoy some holiday time. An AromaTouch massage is an awesome way to unwind and lower stress levels. It only takes 45 minutes to total bliss! (Why not Book an appointment with us here at Lime)
  7. Be GRATEFUL for all that you have and give thanks for the small and wonderful things in life. 
  8. If you feel lonely or are away from family for Christmas think about donating some time to charity in delivering food hampers or serving Christmas lunch. Giving of yourself gives a sense of wellbeing and contribution and seeing the joy you bring to others is one of the greatest gifts.

Have a safe and very Happy Christmas!


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