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Aria Beauty & Medispa offers an Unrivalled Beauty Salon North Lakes Experience

by Lesley Zeder | Nov 16, 2016

Beauty Salon North Lakes Aria Beauty and Medi Spa - North Brisbane

Here in North Lakes we like to be pampered and to pamper others. So where do you go for good pampering? Read on to get to know a brand new beauty salon in North Lakes.

For a sensational and superior medispa and beauty salon North Lakes experience you need look no further than Aria Beauty and Medispa located in North Lakes – the #1 destination for all of today’s high-tech beauty needs. The exceptional team at this premier salon offer TGA approved, clinically proven safe and effective spa and beauty treatments in a nurturing, friendly and highly professional environment.

The Aria Difference

The expert Aria team love what they do and are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through their impeccable beauty and medispa services. Good old fashioned customer service reigns supreme here, where the team take the time to really understand your needs in order to develop a wholly customised solution.

“Aria was created keeping in mind ...

In Search of Natural Skin Care?

by Bonita Craze | Oct 21, 2014


Summer is on its Way...

Is your Skin ready for the Summer Season?
Natural skin care and healthy eating are the two most important keys when it comes to enjoying a clear and glowing complexion.
Your skin is a mirror for what is going on inside your body. Do you demand the same quality for your skin care that you do for wholesome products you consume in your daily diet? Anything that comes in contact with our skin is absorbed, some more than others. This list can include hair care, detergents, soaps and body washes, make-up and deodorants.

What to Avoid?
When choosing a Skin Care Range try to avoid the following ingredients:
> Alcohol, Isopropyl
> DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (Monoethanolamine) & TEA  (triethanolamine)
> DMDM Hydantion & Urea (Imidazolidinyl)
> FD&C Color Pigments
> Sulfates
> Paraben
> Sodium Benzoate
> Urea
> Fragrances

A few beautiful, natural based skin care ranges to look out for ...

All About Brows - Tips to Acheiving Beautiful Eyebrows

by Nikki Travis | May 29, 2014

brow shaping  

Eyebrows play a very significant part in our appearance. As one of the most distinctive features on our face, it is important to shape the brow to suit our face and eye shape.

Thanks to my beautiful mother, I was blessed with great shaped eyebrows, that do not need shaping or filling. However, this is not the case for some of us and therefore, specific tools and techniques are required to help fill and shape such an important focal point of the face.

The best technique to creating an instant natural day time effect is a small angel brush and an eyeshadow (must be similar to your natural brow colour). By following the diagram below, using the angle brush and eyeshadow, shape your brow to ensure the width of your brow compliments your eye shape. Once this is achieved, simply fill in the eyebrow by gently brushing only the hairs.  

A brow pencil is also a great tool, ...

Cleaning & Caring for our Makeup Brushes

by Nikki Travis | Mar 25, 2014


In my 20 years working and travelling within the beauty industry as a model, makeup artist & trainer, I have always kept on hand my trusty makeup brushes.  I rely on my brushes everyday for not only my own personal use, but for the many facets of my business.

Like every investment we make, the importance to care and maintain naturally applies, ensuring we reap the rewards, long term. Good quality brushes, as you well know, can be quite expensive, so if you're happy to spend the money, be sure to invest in a good brush cleaner as well. 

This product provides an on the spot clean & is fast, easy & very effective.  My favorites are MAC or Latonas brush cleaner - quick drying and both products will properly disinfect all brushes whilst leaving them smelling fresh and clean. 

Be sure to at least once a month give your brushes a full clean in soapy warm water, ...

Tools of the Trade - Creating the Perfect Look with Makeup Brushes

by Nikki Travis | Mar 04, 2014

These days a majority of women find themselves time poor and therefore we resort to stealing moments throughout our day (the car) to address the need to cover and define our features. So at the best of times, the use of our hands and/or fingers to apply our makeup becomes messy and uneven, not to mention the massive amount of product wasted.

Having serviced the Fashion Industry for more than 20 years as an International Model, Makeup Artist and Trainer, I have come to realise that brushes are not just essential to makeup artists, but to all women who dabble in makeup. The benefits of owning a brush set, will factor, not only in to achieving your desired look, but making those moments quicker, easier & less messy. 

Our face is like a canvas, each brush is designed to address the different parts of our face for the purpose of defining & enhancing your natural features. A foundation brush will ...

Beauty Tips - Your Perfect Match In A Bottle

by Nikki Travis | Feb 25, 2014


Having trouble finding that perfect foundation colour…...

It is a common dilemma amongst women, achieving all their wants & needs in a bottle. Makeup is designed to help create a flawless appearance by covering, enhancing & defining our features, as well as deliver a natural finish.

So how do we achieve all that & more.......

Here are some tips to assist you in getting that perfect match.

When looking for a foundation colour, it is important to remember your chosen colour must blend into your natural skin tone.

  • Be sure to test your foundation colour on your lower cheek area & not your arm or hand. In most cases the arm is a different colour to our face & any chosen colour, based on this assesment, will only send you down the path of apply & return.
  • Another helpful tip is to always blend your foundation into the neck area, ensuring the colour is consistant and therefore natural.
  • To ...
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